A Five Year Historical Review
Of Our Mission Ministries...
Cuba Humanitarian Ministry and Sharing...

Seldovia, Alaska Mission Trip with 13 total ministering at Seldovia Bible Chapel,
July '05  Construction, Back-yard Bible Clubs, witnessing and fishing to keep the natives from being over-run with salmon and halibut.  God richly blessed the entire team and ministry.  Everything planned was accomplished and the team caught 720# of halibut (on the hoof) and much salmon.
Wild berries were at the top of their season.  What a trip!!!

August 20-Sept 3...God richly blessed our ministry in Hawaii as we taught in two marvelous churches...Calvary Chapel in Kappa on Kauai and at Mana Christian Ohana in Kamuela/Weimeia on the Big Island.  We taught excerpts from our extensive materials on Prophecy and Israel and the Jewishness of Jesus.  Opportunities to witness for our Lord Jesus were abundant and very fruitful.  We took about 3 days to just vacation and spent time preparing for our future missions.

God gave us the privilege of teaching in  Sofia, Bulgaria... October '05 on "The Jewishness of Jesus".  We preached in the United Church of God in Sofia and in a Gypsy Church near the capital.  God richly blessed our fellowship with Stephen Hedges, a Seminary Professor and Jewish scholar.  The hospitality of Pastor Tony Elenkov and Stephen was beyond expectations.   We ministered there from  Sept. 28-Oct. 9th.  We covet your prayers for this ministry in Bulgaria and request your support of the many needs that were discovered in the churches and the Seminary.

We taught the entire Jewishness of Jesus Seminar  in  Tirgu Mures, Romania with Vasile Paul and Grace Baptist Church.  We preached in a  Village church in Iernut.  The Tirgu Mures work was established with the help of Prairie Creek Baptist Church of Plano, TX ministries in 1993.  Thank you for yourprayers during  Oct. 11-17.  Lives were changed and many pastors and church leaders lives were changed in the fresh encounter with the Jewish Jesus.

We had the unique privilege of teaching the Jewishness of Jesus course to the Second and Third Year Theology Students at the Emanuel Baptist Seminary and University in Oradea, Romania.  We spoke in the student chapel to nearly 500 students on the importance of Forgiveness in our lives.  We then  preached at Bethany Baptist Church in St. Andrews with Pastor Cornel Iova on Sunday morning.  On Sunday evening we returned to preach at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Ordea.  The great church is the largest evangelical chruch in all of Europe.  About 2,700 attended the evening service.  
We thank Pastor Doru Hnatiuc for hosting us in Oradea 
 from Oct. 18-24th.  Please pray for these important ministries and funds are always needed for student shcolarships at the Seminary.  Let us know if you feel led to assist.

We had a wonderful Ministry in Havana, Cuba via evangelism and teaching at the new Theological Training Center.  God richly blessed. 

Details of the ministry are available by request for the Cuba '05 newsletter.


Yucatan of Mexico...April 17-24, 2006.  We worked in Cancun, Mexico Monday thru Friday assisting the River of Life Baptist Church raise concrete pillars for the new roof of their church.  In the evenings we taught our seminary students and other pastor the materials on The Jewishness of Jesus.  The seminar had to be interpreted and it took about 15 hours of study.  On Saturday we drove to Vallodolid to teach our seminary students in that area an abbreviated course of 3 1/2 hours.  Saturday and Sunday evenings we shared the Jesus Film in the Mayan language.  Bob preached at the First Baptist Church on Sunday morning.  The team returned to Texas on Monday.  God richly blessed the ministries and several met Jesus as their Savior.
Dr Harlan Capps is the president and director of the Seminary work in the Yucatan.  We have now graduated 155 pastors in the past 8 years.  Ten years ago there were less than 200 Evangelical Churches in the Yucatan but today there are over 800 on the Peninsula.  Praise God!  Needs are for student financial assistance, purified water systems in the villages and monies to support the work of the seminaries.

Seldovia, Alaska...July 20-28th, 2006.  Eighteen mission minded Christians from Plano and McKinney Texas spent 10 days serving with Seldovia Bible Chapel, south of Homer on the Kenai Peninsula.
Most unusually, it was our third trip to this area and church for ministry.  Our team led 21 children in Vacation Bible School, did major construction work, replacing stairs and the welcome stoop leading to the church entrance.  The church is the main Evangelical outreach in the village of about 350 persons (over 100 being Native American Indian background.  The construction team also removed the old steeple and prepared for the coming of the new fiber glass steeple from Texas.  The team experienced some rain the first five days and the weather changed to beautiful sunshine for the curing of the concrete.  With sunshine, we were able to scrape and paint the trim on the church and pastorium.
Senior Pastor of Cottonwood Baptist McKinney led the morning devotional messages and Bob led the church in study sections of the Jewishness of Jesus on Sunday at the services.
After the work day, the group enjoyed Alaska out back, hiked, dug for clams and fished.  Every person caught salmon, halibut or clams (750 #s in all before it was dressed).  Ice chests returned pretty full of halibut and salmon.
Havana/Pinar del Rio Humainitarian Aid and Ministry, Nov.'06...
Please request specifics in a hard copy available. 
Learn of how God preformed one miracle after another on this mission.
 Cuba Mission
Nov. 25-Dec.4th
 20 Water Purification Units were be installed.
Medicines were given for distribution.
Bob will taught in two Evangelical Seminaries on Jesus Jewishness.
 Pastors, Missionaries and students from several denominations participated.
The 15 day mininstry was incredible.
Teaching, Preaching Ministry in Tobasco, Mex.
Bob taught 25+ seminary students for one week,
Preaching and Teaching most evenings.
Cuban Ministry
October 5-27th, '08
Medicines and water purification units will be taken in.
Bob will teach in Pinar del Rio and Havana Seminaries to...
Pastors, Missionaries, Semianry professors & students of several denomimations
Three sesions of 3-5 days each in different parts of Cuba to
lead pastors, missionaries and chuch planting coordinators in retreats.
Please Remember:  
Red color indicates mission opportunities/ tours available to individuals, pastors & churches.

Blue color  indicates mission trips where Bob is teaching and ministering personally.

* Exact details are being confirmed

East Europe Report and Newsletter '05

Dear Prayer Partners and Supporters,


            We returned October 29th from an incredible mission ministry in Eastern Europe.   Since so many of you were a vital part of us being able to go and minister, we want you to know a few of the exciting details.   I will choose some "highlights" yet, you will think I am "long-winded".  That is Ok…I have had that title a long time. Please set aside at least 20 minutes to enjoy this letter.   "No!   No!   Don't start this letter unless you will give us 20 minutes."   You will be frustrated and you will miss spiritual thrills God has for you.   So, when you take the time, kick up your feet up, have a "spot of tea" as we wander thru Eastern Europe and Austria.

Through your support and prayers, this was "Your Mission Trip"…with us.


Our first visit to Bulgaria Sept.29-Oct.10th
(12 days), '05


            Bishop Vasile Elenkov heads up the work of the United Church of God in Bulgaria. Under his church's umbrella there are many evangelical denominations that are thus recognized by the government.   He invited us to minister in Sofia, but our schedules did not match and he was here in the US raising funds for the ministry.   Therefore his son Tony, Pastor of the church in Sofia, was to host us. But he had to travel for a week to England to coordinate with a group of Methodist who work in Bulgaria.   So we arrived not knowing if we would be met at the airport.    God is so good!   A bearded man held up a sign with our names and we meet him in the crowd.   God's special host for us was Stephen Hedges.   Stephen was born in Israel and grew up there and in West Africa.   He is fluent in many languages and has traveled the world (including every state in the US).   He is incredible in both Hebrew and Greek.  Frankly, he was not too excited about hosting an "older traditional" Southern Baptist couple for a week plus.   But, as a professor at the Seminary and under his pastor's authority, there he was.   I will never forget that meeting.   Neither of us could figure out what God was doing.   We were trying to "read" each other. Funny!

            So I was coming to teach on the Jewishness of Jesus to a guy, a church and maybe a school who perhaps knew more than I did on the subject. What did God have planned?   Well, Stephen and I became friends.   He is actually a Charismatic Jew who loves his Messiah, Jesus and constantly studies and teaches about his Lord and another Jewish Rabbi, Paul.   He writes curriculum for the seminary and teaches several courses there.   It was most unusual that he just happened to have 10 days off.  What a coincidence!   Right???    NO!   Thank you Lord!

            The more we talked and shared about Jesus, His life and Ministry, His Death and Resurrection and the Living Lord Jesus' church in our world, the more we came to appreciate the studies and research of the other.   What a glorious 10 days in Sofia!   Wow!   The time was as much for us as for the wonderful folks we taught.   What a surprise!   I taught thru the Jewishness of Jesus at the United Church of God in Sofia and Stephen was in the crowd to critique every word and thought.   I begged his honesty and we shared deeply.   Have you ever spent 10 days just talking about Jesus and studying His Word in-depth?   What a joy!

            The Bible Conference was an eye opener for many and it seems that lives were changed.  

Folks fell more in love with Jesus.   We taught 14 hours in the conference to groups from 40 to 250+. Pastor Tony returned in plenty of time for great fellowship and sharing.   What a church!   What wonderful friends and what a Lord!   He is so good!   I preached in a village Gypsy church but, mostly ministered in Sofia at the "mother church".   Can you imagine Barb and I sitting in front of the loud speakers in a Gypsy Charsmatic church with about 150+ folks rejoicing in the Lord in very cramped quarters.   When the electricity went off and we celebrated by candle light for the rest of the service.   What fun in the Lord!  Our hearing can be helped later with hearing aids.  The Gypsy pastor is a marvelous guy who deeply loves God as do his people.   Wow!  

            One day we drove with Stephen to the Bulgarian border with Greece to renew his visa.   We fell in love with Bulgaria, the people, the diversity, the food and everything…even, the "yellow brick road" in Sofia.   What a wonderful time!  The church was a gracious host. We left funds for the ministry and special needs beyond our expenses…about $1,400 in all.


Back to Romania First Stop Tirgu Mures…
Oct.10-17th  (7 days).

            Pastor Tony Elenkov drove us to the border with Romania and we were met by our friend and long-tine "Amigo", Vasile Paul.   Both Bulgaria and Romania will soon be entering the EU.   What incredible changes are happening.   Bucharest is today a beautiful city.   Amazing how things have changed since Communism.   By late evening we arrived in Tirgu Mures for a reunion with Vasile's wonderful family. We stayed with them in their lovely "flat".   We first met Vasile in '93.   Prairie Creek has been helping to support Vasile, his church and 30+ village churches all these years.   His central church is still not completed.   The monies that have been given have gone to build village churches and the central church, however, the worship center is still not complete.   Since construction began, inflation has greatly increased and now, there is a small window for completion before Romania enters the EU.   Prices will then double or triple.   Nearly $70,000 is needed ASAP to just enclose the upper worship floor.

            We had a wonderful fellowship time with Vasile and his family and spent the weekday evenings teaching the Jewishness of Jesus Seminar at Grace Baptist Church.   I taught 15 hours with some 60+ (I never counted) from denominations all over the city.   We had Greek Orthodox, Charismatics and mostly Baptist.   Two came to know our Lord and several found freedom from strongholds in their lives thru Forgiving others.   Several pastors and church leaders attended the weekday studies.   One evening I preached in the village of Iernut.   We took supplies for construction to another village where a deaf man is in charge of the building project.   The church is nearly complete but another $2,000 is needed for the front entrance.   There is no more money for this need. We left a total of $1,000. for our expenses and that week of ministry.  Half of this will be applied for needed construction.


On to Romania…Oct. 24-31st…(7 days).

            Pastor Vasile Paul was gracious to deliver us to Emmanuel Baptist Seminary campus in Oradea.   We settled in at the Seminary…plenty of room and very comfortable.   We ate with the students in the cafeteria and made ourselves at home.   Pastor Doru Hnatiuc is administrator, professor and one of the pastors at Emmanuel Baptist Church.   He was a marvelous host.   Our friend, Paul Negrut, the President was in the US raising funds and in meetings.

            Arrangements were wonderful.   I taught the second and third year Theology students the course on the Jewishness of Jesus.   We had an incredible time together!   I fell in love with that bunch of pastors, counselors, missionaries and church leaders.   Wow! What a hunger to learn.   Every day they were like sponges and you know how I love to teach.   I taught 17 hours in three days and we met in the evenings for dialogue when we could.   I was asked to share the message in the student chapel with some 500+ students and professors on Wednesday.   We were constantly cornered in the dorm, at meals and on the campus in discussions and in dialogue.   I loved it.   What a hunger for the Word!

            We spent some wonderful time with old friends like Dr. Nick Gheorgittsa, his family and his son Radu, who is professor at Mid-western Baptist Seminary in Kansas City.   We also had an afternoon of fellowship with or dear friends Cornel Iova and his wife. We drove into the Romanian Carpathian Mountains to see the change of seasons…What beauty!   Thanks guys for the wonderful fellowship!

            On Sunday morning I preached at Bethany Baptist a suburbs of Oradea at St. Andrews where Cornel Iova is pastor. The church is new and small but it has a marvelous spirit!            Then, Sunday evening I preached at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Ordea.   The church is the largest evangelical church in Europe.   We estimate that some 2,500+ attended.   God's spirit moved. What a joy to worship there again and recall the days of Communism when the government tried to destroy this church.   I reminded them of those days and the sacrifices their people made.   We had first come to work in Romania the afternoon before Chernobyl exploded…therefore, we know the exact date.   We arrived on April 25, 1986.   Now, for nearly 20 years we have prayerfully followed the growth of that church.   Praise God for His wonderful love and ministry in the lives of so many across these years.   Now, our prayers are now needed as creeping materialism takes its hold on the nation. In many ways God blessed more under the persecution.

            Many Romanians are going to Spain, France, England, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Austria to make money for their families back home.   Interestingly enough some of the largest evangelical churches in Europe are now Ex-patriot Romanian churches in these countries.   God is now using the "little, insignificant, persecuted, ex-communist country" of Romania to influence all of Europe. It is amazing how God works!   Now, as Bulgaria and Romania come into the EU this will open up all of Moslem Turkey for the Gospel…the languages on the border are already known.   Turkey desperately wants into the EU and we believe that God will use this to evangelize them.   Wouldn't the EU be upset if they know they were spreading the Good-news of  Jesus.

            We left about $600 with the Seminary in Oradea and another $450 to assist special needs of students and professors.   We paid for the printing of the notes for the students and left funds to purchase a mattress for a newly wed couple who are studying to be missionaries.

            Air mileage was given by two of you and monies were given following our letters of requests for this mission.   Our expenses totaled $3,669. or, $110. per day for the two of us (plus, money for ice cream and chocolate). We left $1,782. for Ministry Needs.  The total cost of the trip was $5,451.    Exchanging currency is expensive but, it has to be done in Europe now-days. Euros may be handy but, they can not be spent everywhere.   In Romania we became instant "millionaires" as we exchanged our dollars for leis.   One million leis equals $300 or less.

            A rough count of students in classes, multiplied by our teaching hours in each location gave us about 3,330 "student hours" of teaching.  A rough, conservative count of folks in preaching and worship services was about 3,800.   It was an exciting time sharing the Word of God…32 total days to His Glory.


Hungary and Austria…Changing Autumn Colors…


            We were driven to Budapest and there we got a rent car and drove thru Hungary into Austria for four days for some relaxation.   When we arrived in Schladming, Austria and proceeded to Major Ian Thomas' retreat center and Bible School at Taurenhaus.   We fellowshipped, ate the evening meal and taught about 15 youth there for some 2.5 hours on Tuesday evening.   What a joy to be a small part of that ministry again.   Our son Randy was there with Major Thomas several years ago.   God is so good!   Barb had a little scare that evening when a "rib head" went out and it resembled a heart attack.   Now, all is "clear" and she did great with her "new rebuilt foot".   Praise God for a marvelous time serving the Lord!   As we continued into Austria the high mountains were snow capped with beautiful green high meadows and spruce surrounding sprinkled with golden birch.   Lower in the lush pastures were the brown and white Swiss milk cows with falling autumn leaves, flowers, streams and rivers, beautiful homes and fall gardens.   What a landscape.   God does everything so perfectly and Austrians respect that.

            Daily our direction of ministry was re-confirmed by the moving of God's Spirit.

            He is so good to allow us to continue in the ministries that are so dear to our heart.   Thank you for your love, your support and prayers.   You made this trip possible.   You were there daily as we ministered.   You were a part of every strategic gift we left for needs, construction and ministry.   Thanks for being Partners with us in Ministry.

             This "Walk of Faith" is thrilling!   God is so good to provide all the needs, not our wants.   He is always "on time".   As we were planning and making commitments for the East European trip…we just Prayed that God would pay for what He was ordering.   Through you, God answered those prayers.   Exactly what was needed came in and we did not know when we left how much would be needed.  

            What a way to live!  "Reckless" some may say, and are right.   But we prefer to call it a "Walk of Faith" and simply expect God to open the door.   This is exciting!

               Can you tell?...We are having a "ball" serving Our Lord Jesus on mission.

                         Ours is a Faith Ministry.   Please remember us and our ongoing monthly needs.  We will have a few less mission trips in '06 so we can focus on filming and DVDs publications.  The expenses will be greater than usual.  Our '06 mission activity will lead us to the Yucatan, a return trip to Alaska and back to Cuba for evangelistic ministries.

I think this Ministry is Worthy…but then,  I am Prejudice.

Loving Jesus more and more…And, Together Sharing that Love with our world.


  bob and barb, Your Servants
                 Our Newsletter from our Nov. '05 Cuba Misssion
                          Is Available by Email on Request Only.
  Mission Giving Opportunities…

 ˜In Cuba , most pastors exist on $10 per month for their entire family.  Try to imagine being a seminary student, working, in seminary and supporting your family with these finances?   Maybe it is a good time to ask how much we spend a month on coffee or cold drinks?  Join us in supplying more funds and purchasing bicycles for missionaries for developing house churches.  We are His Stewards.  Will we someday hear His "Well done..."?  

˜In Cuba   Nov. '05 we took in designated funds to build a church worship center after a hurricane. The church had almost nothing. Then, the hurricane took away what they did not have and left absolutely nothing. Finally, the government allowed them to re-build  (but, they had no money).   Have you ever personally built an entire church for God's people?  The couple who sent in the money has.  Praise God!   Let's do it again!   It may be your turn to recieve that thrill.

˜ Romania and Bulgaria are still rebuilding after 40 years of Communism. Needs are beyond our imagination.   But, God is moving!   One pastor we support, Vasile Paul of Tirgu Mures, has started 30+ churches in villages around his city. His church is the central training center and desperatly needs to be completed.  If God lays this need on your heart, please contact us immediately.
                                  Invest today in,  Eternity forever!

No matter the size of Your Gift…You can be a part of our Ministry and Mission.

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